About us

In an ever-changing work environment, we rely even more on virtual communication to get the job done. Significant technologies have drastically changed how we conduct business with more people working across the globe. In an effort to break out of the standard “pencil-me-in,” meetergo is merging advanced scheduling technology with seamless engagement that is intentional, meaningful, and easy to use.

Our Brand Story

Building and maintaining quality relationships is essential for modern and innovative small businesses to grow and globalize, so we’re here to revolutionize scheduling meetings.

By now, society has already established a steady foundation for connecting with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors, and customers. But with more access to the world, it’s easy to get caught up. When we (Dominik Rapacki and Richard Gödel) began our careers, it was surprising that the most challenging part of the job was keeping track of international meetings. Between juggling in-person conferences and different time zones, scheduling was more of a hassle than we imagined. So to sustain a flow of operation, we knew it was time to change how scheduling happens.

We created meetergo, a combination of meet and the Latin word for “therefore,” which is ergo, with the intention to set schedules so you can get back on the go. This all-in-one booking system helps individuals enjoy their work more without the need for extensive expansion. For the digital nomad and entrepreneur on the move, the focus is growth and sustainability, and meetergo is making it happen. 

meetergo core team

Our Vision​

At meetergo, we believe in the power of motivation and achievement. Technology has supplied us all with the opportunity to make an impact from anywhere in the world. In the fast-growing world of telecommunication, we understand the impact we all have on making the world a better place. For us, meetergo was created to ignite productive work habits that keep you focused on what matters.

There’s no excuse for slowdowns or scheduling mishaps when you have a software that is organizing your life and setting you up for success. When you use meetergo, you’re choosing a system that intentionally helps make work sustainable and meaningful, no matter what size. Best of all, for every 10 appointments scheduled, we plant one tree to give back to the environment. Confirm your meetings and grow your business with a platform you can trust.