Germany can do more than just build cars.

We at meetergo think so: Good software should not only come from the USA and China. That's why we have developed a platform that meets our requirements in terms of design, usability and technology.

Our brand story

We are Dominik, Franz and Laurynas. We work together at the Cologne-based digital agency webnature solutions. At some point, we noticed that administrative work was becoming more and more of an issue in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, none of us felt like constantly keeping track of meetings and emailing appointment proposals back and forth. That’s why we wrote the software we were looking for ourselves at that time. So we are pretty critical meetergo customers ourselves.

And not only that: we are deliberately self-financed. So we don’t have to grow as fast as possible, but can focus on the quality of the software and our appointment scheduler online.

Our goal: to take off as a start-up.

If you want to be successful in the future, you have to dare to try something new. The world is changing, and we in Germany in particular could and should be a little more willing to take risks.

Digitization gives us the chance to succeed from anywhere. We want to prove that to Silicon Valley and to ourselves. We also want to encourage other small teams with big goals to develop their software.

So we welcome all female developers, designers, UX specialists, techies etc. to contact us.

We think data protection is cool. So does environmental protection.