Plan and organize all available appointments for you and your team in an individually adaptable calendar.


We rely on payment methods that combine the highest security standards with user-friendly condition.


All meetergo processes are optimized for joint use as a team. Work together for the benefit of your customers .


We plant trees relative to the appointments scheduled by the meetergo community.


Use meetergo on all your devices and all available operating systems.


Always be perfectly informed with our integrated notification system. No appointment will be forgotten, nothing will be overlooked.

Waiting List

You are totally booked out for the next months? Let your clients join your waiting list and get informed if a spot opens up due to cancellations.

Group Events

You can create events that are joinable by groups and multiple users.

Local Events

Whether an event is hosted online or in your local shop does not matter. We take care of everything.


Start your video consultation with the Google-Meets service and plan all activities in the synchronized Google calendar.


All appointments can be tracked by your employees in their own Outlook calendars with the help of the Outlook calendar synchronization.


Easiest appointment bookings through the use of QR codes.


Erstellen Sie wiederkehrende Ereignisse, die täglich, wöchentlich, monatlich oder nur an bestimmten Daten auftreten können.

Buffer Time

Plan individual buffer times so that you always have enough time to prepare and follow up on each appointment.


Offer your customers the video conference service Zoom as an additional option for getting in contact.

Block Dates

Block certain time periods that should not be available for appointment booking.


All data collected are processed in accordance with the applicable General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (GDPR).

Custom Branding

Apply custom branding to your personalized booking page.


Set up polls in order to find the right time for your group. We manage the hard part.


Using Zapier you can create custom events and integrate with your favorite apps to create the perfect workflow.


Use the integrated SMS service for timely notification.


Use the practical analysis tools to keep track of all key performance indicators (KPI) that are important to you.


Existing public holidays are automatically taken into account in the booking process.


Add categories to your events in order to make it even faster to filter through.