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Strengthen your customer relationships and automate your sales team's processes with a functional online appointment scheduler. Increase your sales, save time and provide your customers with tailored offers.

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$110 dollar an hour is the average wage for freelancers in germany. work for german clients.

"We used to edit every lead manually. Heute nimmt uns der Terminplaner online fast den gesamten Aufwand ab. This makes work more fun - not least because sales have increased by 349%."
Roman Laufenberg
Roman Laufenberg
CEO | Recotech GmbH

The software for your sales team

4x more leads with your online appointment scheduling software

Save on annoying emails and let your leads book appointments directly on your site itself. Valuable leads are automatically routed to the right people in your sales team and thus become new customers faster. The combination of sales software and online appointment scheduler shortens your lead response time and offers functional features for optimal, productive sales. 

All functional integrations combined in one software

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20+ functions with your online appointment booking system

With your online appointment booking software, you have all the features of your favorite applications combined into one appointment scheduler online. Never again will your team have to switch between applications to communicate with customers and internally. With the online appointment booking system from meetergo, you combine all functions and applications in one software. Your sales team benefits from an efficient workflow – no distractions and maximum productivity.

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All-in-one online scheduler in 20 seconds

Watch in just 20 seconds how the appointment scheduler works online on your website and targets leads


meetergo connect for professional meetings

The meetergo connect meeting platform is your GDPR-compliant, German Zoom alternative. You can communicate with your team and with customers in top quality. Peer-to-peer networking ensures sufficient capacity – no matter how many participants attend your meeting. Since meetergo connect is directly connected to the software for sales teams, you no longer have to switch between your applications, buthave everything in one place. 


"As a marketing expert and business consultant, I work with many different people in a variety of places. It disturbs my workflow if I am distracted by notifications from other clients or topics while working on a specific project. With meetergo I can decide what to focus on. Long emails are exhausting and often don't really express what I am trying to say. That's why I use voice messages, as I do in my private life."
Pablo Ewenz Rocher
Pablo Ewenz Rocher
Marketing Expert

Your alternative for online appointment bookings

100% GDPR compliant

Our appointment planner online is not just any new software for sales teams. In meetergo we combine security and functionality. We offer your team an excellent alternative to Calendly and Chili Piper. For team-internal communication, your appointment planner online is a GDPR-compliant alternative to Doodle and Timify.  To present yourself as a secure, trustworthy partner to the outside world, we have developed the German Zoom alternative meetergo connect. With meetergo’s software, your sales team works 100% GDPR-compliant, both internally and externally.


Your online appointment booking tool meetergo is 100% GDPR
compliant. We are a German company that works with servers in
Germany. At our location, your data and the data of your customers are
processed in accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation. We
also guarantee this on our platform for videoconferencing which is the
German Zoom alternative meetergo connect. With your online
appointment scheduling software, you are always fully protected. If you
would like to know more about data security and meetergo, please feel
free to contact our support team.

Your calendars – be they Outlook, Google, Apple or another system – can be easily connected to meetergo, your online appointment scheduling software. Through the synchronization, all your appointments are automatically transferred both in your calendars and in meetergo. You can also integrate other tools such as Zapier into meetergo and have all your technical services in one place.

Both you and your clients are automatically reminded of the appointment
before a scheduled meeting with meetergo. Your online appointment
scheduling software sends emails or SMS notifications in order for you to
be able to prepare and make sure your clients don’t miss an appointment.
The automation saves you considerable time and organizational effort.
Furthermore, the reminder suggests to your clients that you are well
prepared for your meeting.

If you do not have any more free appointments in your available time period, your customers can put themselves on a waiting list. If an appointment is postponed or cancelled, the people on the waiting list will be contacted and they can book the free appointment. Individually, you can activate additional appointments for a later booking period, so that more times are available.

Your online appointment booking tool can be integrated on your website
in just a few steps. Through this function, your existing customers as well
as potential new customers have the opportunity to book an appointment
with you directly on your website and to get to know you and your
business. Furthermore, you can adapt your booking page to the design of
your website and present yourself in a consistent look.

For those who are just getting started with online appointment scheduling,
the use of meetergo is free of charge. We also offer a free trial period
where you can try out our features and test meetergo as a tool for your
workflow. If you decide to work with your online appointment scheduling
software, you can choose from different packages that provide you with
fewer or more features. Furthermore, our prices are based on the number
of users as well as the need for support from our staff.

Table of contents

Ideal For You And Your Customers - Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software meetergo

With your online appointment scheduling software meetergo, you can use your time efficiently and offer your customers a convenient, professional service for booking appointments with you as a freelancer or self-employed person. On meetergo, you have all the functions you need for your business in one place, so you no longer have to switch between different platforms and can influence your workflow productively. You actively increase the success of your business, as you plan your time in a targeted manner and thus get the maximum out of your work steps.

Your online appointment scheduling software is an all-in-one tool that you can use in a variety of ways to suit your individual needs. The various functions help you to structure your working time and save time for communication and organization with automated steps. Every freelancer or self-employed person knows that finding appointments with customers, partners or colleagues via email takes a lot of time and often turns out to be difficult. Different availabilities as well as different time zones result in more e-mails being sent back and forth in order to arrange a suitable appointment. Your online appointment booking tool meetergo simplifies this process by sending your customers a link to your available times via meetergo, from which they can select a suitable appointment. An appointment is found quickly, easily and conveniently for you and your meeting partners, and is automatically noted in your calendars.

The online appointment scheduling software meetergo is your personal digital assistant, available to you anytime and anywhere. Usable on all devices and mobile devices, you can take your online appointment scheduling software with you to your workplace or on your cell phone in your pocket and always know what’s coming up and when. You do not only plan appointments, but you can use your online appointment planner in many ways. You can mark vacation times, blackout periods and personal appointments, which you can be reminded of individually. As your all-rounder for organizing your business, you can use meetergo to directly handle payment transactions for your meetings and have all key figures, data and statistics created by meetergo collected in one platform. By using meetergo as your online appointment scheduling software, you can organize your work as a freelancer or self-employed person efficiently and productively, saving time and money. The uncomplicated, GDPR-compliant communication with you convinces customers of your professionalism and distinguishes you as a trustworthy, competent provider of your services.

Diverse Functions In Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software For A Productive Workflow

The functions of your online appointment scheduling software meetergo are designed to automate your work steps and thus save time and boost your productivity. You can use the various functions individually to suit your needs and organize yourself independently. In our Online Appointment Scheduling Software, you build your own personal digital assistant who is always at your side and supports you interactively in your business. Your online appointment scheduling software takes care of administrative tasks for you, making it easier for you to keep track of dates, customers, appointments and personal matters.

Automatic Appointment Reminder So You Don't Miss Anything

So that neither you nor your customers appear unprepared for a meeting or don’t attend it at all, your online appointment scheduling software includes the function of automatic appointment reminders. You can choose to be reminded of your meetings by email or SMS, giving you enough time to prepare for your upcoming meeting with customers, partners or colleagues. Furthermore, automated SMS notifications or emails are sent to your customers, so that they are also well informed and do not miss anything. Your reminder service will be remembered by your customers and strengthen your professional image.

All Appointments At A Glance In Your Individual Calendar

Whether you work in a team or alone as a freelancer or self-employed person – your calendar at meetergo has the right display for everyone. You can color-code your appointments or those of your colleagues, so you know directly who is available when and which projects are currently being worked on. With the help of filters, you can display either only your appointments or a complete overview of the times of your team members. Individually adjust your calendar to your needs and have all necessary appointments at a glance.

Integrated Payment For Convenient Processing

After booking the appointment, your customers will be forwarded directly to the payment processing, so that you get paid directly for the time you invest in the meeting. This way, all formalities are taken care of before the meeting and no invoices need to be sent afterwards. With your Online Appointment Scheduling Software, you are only offered secure payment methods that process all data in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (GDPR).

Work In A Team Or Alone With Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software

You can use your online appointment scheduling software in many ways. All functions of meetergo can be used alone or in a team, so there are no limits. You can work together with your partners and colleagues on work processes and projects or organize yourself independently in your business as a freelancer or self-employed person.

Sustainable Processes For Optimal Use Of Resources

As a future-oriented platform, careful, sustainable use of available resources is important to us. Our cloud is sustainably hosted in Germany. To save additional CO2, we plant a tree for every 10th appointment arranged via meetergo and are constantly working to make our processes even more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Plan Events With Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Not only can you plan online appointments with meetergo, but analog events can also be organized quickly and easily. For group events, you can use our survey tool to quickly find the right date. For local events, meetergo also has the necessary planning tools and helps you plan events in your office, store or premises. If several people are involved in planning or meetings, you can easily create group events and hold video conferences in top quality via meetergo connect.

All Your Appointments Available Everywhere And At Any Time

You can use your online appointment scheduling software on all your devices and with all available operating systems. Your appointments as well as all your data and key figures are available anytime and anywhere. Our responsive design is adapted to the display on mobile devices as well as laptop or computer. This way all functions are optimally displayed and usable for you.

Perfect Use Of Time With meetergo

If all your appointments are fully booked, meetergo offers your customers the convenience of simply being placed on the waiting list. As soon as appointments become free (e.g. due to cancellations), they are informed and can book a free appointment. This way you also have no empty slots and use your time efficiently. Making your time management productive is the goal of our online appointment scheduling software. You can create recurring meetings and don’t have to schedule them individually. Furthermore, you have the option of scheduling individual buffer times before or after your appointments. With meetergo, you are always well prepared and can adapt the information from your meetings to your workflow.

Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software Synchronizes With All Calendars

No matter which digital calendar you use, meetergo is compatible with all popular calendars and can be easily connected to Outlook and the like. All appointments as well as holidays, free times and blocked periods are automatically synchronized and can be viewed by your employees or only by you. You no longer have to transfer anything manually but save a considerable amount of time with meetergo’s calendar synchronization.

Integrate Your Preferred Video Conferencing Platform

To hold your meetings or videoconferences, your online appointment planner meetergo provides you with various options. In addition to Google Meets and Zoom, our online appointment scheduling software also offers you a peer-to-peer video platform with which you can contact your customers without a third-party provider. You communicate with your customers in best audio and image quality and are protected thanks to our German server. All data and exchanged content is processed in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (GDPR). With your German Zoom alternative, meetergo connect, you can hold a meeting with as many participants as you like and communicate securely via end-to-end encryption. Also hosted by a sustainable cloud, meetergo connect is your ideal way to talk to your customers online directly via your online appointment scheduling software and present your services to them.

Your Corporate Design Consistently Implemented In The Online Appointment Scheduling Software

A consistent design convinces customers of your professionalism, as it shows how well thought-out your business is. By transferring your custom design from your website to your booking page, you consistently present yourself and your services in one look. On your personalized booking page, your clients can book an appointment with you either through a link or a QR code. You can also print your personal QR code on business cards or flyers to advertise your business in the same way. Furthermore, the online appointment scheduling software meetergo works together with the service Zapier, through which you can create user-defined events and easily incorporate them into your workflow via the integration in meetergo. These events can in turn be assigned to categories, giving you quick access to all requested appointments using filters.

Secure Data Processing In Your Online Appointment Booking Tool

The GDPR-compliant handling of personal data is an important issue when using communication tools and video platforms. For appointment finding and payment transactions, personal content such as payment information, email addresses, phone number or company data is exchanged, which is why online appointment scheduling software should demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Many online appointment scheduling softwares, such as Calendly, are based in the US and are therefore exempt from the GDPR or not legally required to comply with EU-wide regulations. Our appointment scheduler online meetergo is the German Calendly alternative and therefore adheres to the GDPR when processing your data as well as the data of your customers. Our online appointment booking system is hosted on a German server, which means that the data and the processing of it are localized in a German data center. This means that you can also communicate data with customers or partners from non-EU countries via meetergo or meetergo connect without any problems, while always complying with the GDPR. This secure and competent data processing distinguishes you as a professional provider in your field. In the digital market, compliance with the GDPR is essential and is considered a sign of quality, especially in Germany. Your cooperation with a GDPR-compliant online appointment scheduling software is a strong sales argument with which you can actively advertise. You position yourself clearly for data security with our online appointment scheduling software and differentiate yourself from your competitors. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed order data processing with further information on data storage and provide you with information on your online appointment scheduling software meetergo.

Functional Sustainability In Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Sustainability and functionality go hand in hand in your online appointment scheduling software meetergo. We not only protect your data and the data of your customers, but also the environment by using a sustainable cloud for hosting our online appointment scheduling software. In this way, we ensure that CO2 emissions are kept as low as possible for your Online Appointment Scheduling Software. Our hosting on a German server also allows us to actively change and co-determine the processes on our Online Appointment Scheduling Software. Giving something back to our community as well as the resources we use is important to us as a future-oriented online service provider. For this reason, all stored data and appointments are hosted in an environmentally friendly way and implemented with eco-friendly processes. Furthermore, we want to involve our users in our activities and plant a tree for every 10th appointment arranged via meetergo. Of course, we plan our community tree planting together with you via our appointment planner online. Giving something back as well as adding value is essential for sustainable business management, which is why we donate 1% of the sales of our appointment planner online to charitable projects. Using time and energy sustainably, long-term and efficiently in the right places is our concept, which we strive to implement in all areas. Shape our path together with us and use the sustainably hosted, GDPR-compliant appointment planner online meetergo.

All-in-one online scheduler in 20 seconds

Watch in just 20 seconds how the appointment scheduler works online on your website and targets leads

Sustainable Cloud

Using our planets resources carefully is mandatory in todays age. Therefore our cloud is hosted sustainably.

Plant Trees

We are giving back! For every 10 appointments scheduled through meetergo we plant one tree.

Eco-friendly Processes

We optimize all of our processes in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

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Freelancer Index 2021©

$110 dollar an hour is the average wage for freelancers in germany. work for german clients.