5 Steps To A Professional Corporate Design That Impresses Customers

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Visual impressions remain in the memory. Each of us is familiar with logos that can be clearly assigned to certain companies, brands and products. Even the use of certain colors can trigger associations with specific companies – such as Google’s blue, red, yellow and green colors. Consistent representation in media such as Facebook, Instagram, on the website, and on analog business cards creates this link. Of course, a company like Google has a monopoly position and that alone claims the colors for itself. But you too can use a consistent corporate design to promote your business as a freelancer and attract clients.

Your professional appearance will be strengthened by the use of a logo, banners for Facebook or Linked-In as well as an individual web design. We’ll show you how to turn your services as a freelancer or self- employed person into a brand and make a name for yourself among clients.

What’s Behind A Corporate Design

A professional appearance as a company, brand or provider is no longer possible without corporate design. Only visual characteristics create a public appearance that is explicitly associated with a company or a product. For example, everyone knows exactly what the logo of Apple or the font of a certain Swedish furniture store looks like. From this, the definition of corporate design can be derived: Corporate design stands for a uniform, conceptualized appearance of a provider, company or brand. Corporate design is associated with corporate identity, which includes communication style, corporate philosophy or public behavior. In most cases, corporate identity and design are defined together.

Which elements you should create uniformly in corporate design

Corporate design and corporate identity are mutually dependent and should be coordinated for a professional representation of your business. For example, a conservative logo does not fit with a modern slogan. You should consider the following elements when determining your corporate design:

  • Logo
  • Catchy claim or slogan
  • Color concept (primary and secondary colors)
  • Layout
  • Text and language style
  • Style of graphics and images

Some areas should definitely have your corporate design, such as:

  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Digital advertisements
  • Signatures and headers (digital and analog)
  • Flyers and other analog advertising
  • Packaging of products

As a freelancer and self-employed person, a consistent presentation in media, on the website as well as in the communication with customers as well as partners is as important as for a company or brand. An easy way to implement your corporate design already in the appointment booking is an automated appointment booking with an Online Appointment Scheduling Software. For this purpose, meetergo provides functions for you to integrate your logo, color and text style into your booking page so that your customers can directly relate to your business through visual presentation.

How to develop a corporate design for your freelance business

To develop a unified representation of your business that will translate into the above, you need to consider a few things. Ask yourself the following five questions beforehand to find out what makes you and your business stand out:

  1. How do I want to present myself to the outside world?
  2. What do I want to achieve with my freelance business and what do I need to change to achieve this?
  3. What do I want to achieve with my service and how?
  4. Who is my target group and how do I get in touch with them?
  5. What differentiates me from others so that customers choose me as their provider?

After you have found out what your entrepreneurial goals are and what forms the basis of your business, you can venture to present it to the outside world. This is, of course, first a creative process that involves many choices and decisions. This is about personal preferences regarding colors, logo, font and layout. Creating all of this yourself and incorporating it on your website, business card as well as on social media in high quality is a challenge if you are not working in UX or UI design. Here, the BrandCrowd logo maker tool tool offers you a solution on how to create your logo and incorporate it into your representation on the web.

Put Your Creativity Into Action With The Help Of Brandcrowd

As a layman in web design to create a logo, a business card or a banner on Facebook, Linked-In and Co. takes a lot of time and is in the fewest cases done with just a few clicks. With the help of brandcrowd’s tool, you don’t have to be an Adobe Photoshop pro to professionally implement your corporate design. The platform allows you to give free rein to your creativity and provides you with helpful templates and design suggestions. For freelancers and self-employed people, this is a welcome opportunity to create high-quality graphics that can be used in a variety of ways in just a few steps. You’ll save time while moving your business forward as a freelancer.

Not only digital elements, but also analog media is a helpful marketing tool to showcase you and your business. In traditional industries such as trades, construction, and tax and law, most contacts are made through a business card. Thus, it is never wrong to have a business card with you. The Business Card Maker has several thousand professionally created designs that you can customize and design. Colors, font type and size, and layout can be customized as you like.

Present your business as a freelancer on all social media in a professional way.

Social media has become an integral part of marketing strategies. Entire campaigns, recruiting as well as advertising now run on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Linked-In. It is therefore all the more important that you use this for yourself and your business. By being present in social media, you advertise your services with simple means and can present yourself and your work. Banners are the first thing a client will notice when they click on your profile. Create your banner for Youtube, Facebook or Linked-In using ready-made templates. Individually add your own photos or graphics and adapt the template to your ideas.

In our digital age, speed is a factor you should take advantage of. Integrate call-to-actions into your Facebook and Instagram stories. This way, your customers will feel directly addressed and the visual stimuli will lead them to your website more quickly. Stories and posts that lead to your appointment booking via meetergo or to your website can be created in just a few minutes.

Whether your freelance business is B2B or B2C, you have a variety of social media options to choose from and customize to your corporate design.

Communication And Scheduling Presented Uniformly With meetergo

Already during the first contact you should position yourself professionally for a successful order situation as a freelancer or self-employed person and show that you drive a clear line with your business. Create an e-mail signature with brandcrowd that leads directly to your website and to your Online Appointment Scheduling Software from meetergo. Your customers will find your corporate design from your email signature on your website and thus have established a direct connection. Consistency is key to moving your business forward. By using meetergo to send automated e- mails to your existing customers, you will bind your customers to your company as a freelancer through a consistent approach and design and generate revenue in a few simple steps.

Integrate your Consistent Presentation In meetergo And Individualize Your Appointment Booking

In order to not only design your website or business card and present it in your corporate design, but also to advertise consistently with a uniform look, the Online Appointment Scheduling Software meetergo offers you various functions. The usual communication between provider and customer usually takes place via e-mail. Such that you don’t have to keep sending e-mails back and forth to book an appointment, meetergo automates the scheduling process. The link to your personalized booking page is integrated into your brandcrowd e-mail signature or embedded in your body text – in line with your corporate identity. Here you present yourself professionally, just like in your e- mail and on your website. You can individually integrate your corporate design into your booking page and use a logo or selected colors. This individualized appointment booking remains in the memory of your customers and strengthens the impression of a well thought-out freelancer business.

As a time-saving, individually usable tool, brandcrowd fits into your productive work- flow and supports you in making your business even more successful. Tools that adapt to your needs and act as personal assistants in your daily work as a freelancer ensure that you spend your time in the right places. Available for all operating systems, you can take meetergo with you wherever you go. Your logo or signature is always with you thanks to brandcrowd’s download function, and you can create Instagram posts or digital ads in line with your corporate design in just a few minutes.

Not only for freelancers, but also for teams, a corporate design is important to present yourself in a uniform way and to convince customers as well as partners. Together, you can use the above questions to filter out how you want to present yourselves and collect ideas and concepts in a meeting via meetergo connect using a whiteboard. Interactively, you determine which colors, fonts, addresses and layouts are suitable for your team and implement them individually with brandcrowd. Each of you can download the logo, a business card or graphics and incorporate them into your communication with customers.

A corporate design is crucial to the success of a freelance business or team. Unify your presentation and plan meetings with an individualized booking page.

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