German Zoom Alternative 2021 (GDPR compliant)

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Your German Zoom alternative for smooth communication with customers

Do you communicate digitally with customers, partners or colleagues via video meetings? Are you looking for a German Zoom alternative that is GDPR compliant but offers the same level of performance? Do you want a uniform platform that allows you to find all tools in one place? Our video platform meetergo connect is your solution for GDPR compliant communication via video and for collecting all technical services in your appointment booking software. Part of the German Calendly alternative meetergo, meetergo connect is your German service for holding digital meetings with one or more people. Through meetergo connect, you send invitation links and can integrate them directly into your appointment booking software via meetergo. As an integration and peer-to-peer solution, meetergo meets offers you a wide range of functions compared to other video platforms. 

FunctionsZoomSkypeGoogle HangoutsMicrosoft Teamsmeetergo connect
Number of participants1.0005010250unbegrenzt
HD image and sound quality✔️✔️✔️
Chat function✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Screen sharing✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Peer-to-peer connection✔️
Meeting recording✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
End-toend encryption✔️✔️✔️
Waiting and group roums✔️✔️✔️
GDPR compliant✔️
German company✔️
Participation via link✔️✔️✔️✔️
Sustainable Cloud✔️
Calendar integration✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
German Zoom Alternative meetergo connect

With our peer-to-peer solution, you don’t rely on a third-party provider, but work with one platform for all your communications. You have everything you need bundled in one place and don’t have to switch back and forth between applications. Furthermore, with meetergo connect you can schedule planned appointments directly via the German Calendly alternative meetergo, so you don’t have to worry about anything until you’re ready. Your head is free for your upcoming tasks, which increases your productivity. The German Zoom alternative is designed to support you in your work as a freelancer or self-employed person and to make your work processes mesh effectively.

What sets meetergo connect apart is that it is hosted on a sustainable cloud based in Germany. You can use our German server to discuss projects, present your services, showcase your work and present yourself professionally as a freelancer or self-employed person. The security of your personal data and that of your customers, colleagues and partners is always maintained, as all personal data is processed in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (GDPR). As an effective sales argument in today’s market, which mainly works with Zoom, you strengthen your business and thus your success. In this article we will show you which functions meetergo connect offers you and how it simplifies your work steps.

Hold GDPR compliant meetings and phone calls with your Zoom alternative

The video platform Zoom reached millions of new members at the beginning of 2020, establishing itself as a tool for digital conferences, meetings, seminars or phone calls. However, data processing gaps repeatedly emerged due to the hosting on the American server, which is why Zoom earned harsh criticism. Security gaps and data protection issues caused usage bans. As a result, demand increased for a GDPR compliant Zoom alternative, which, however, is in no way inferior to Zoom in terms of performance and power.

German Zoom alternative – meetergo connect

When exchanging personal data such as e-mail, address, telephone number or professional details, security and conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation are aspects that should not be underestimated. For this reason, we at meetergo have opted for hosting on a German server and offer you our GDPR compliant service with both our Calendly alternative and our German Zoom alternative. Your data and the data of your meeting participants are stored in a German data center, which means that even when exchanging data with customers or partners from non-EU countries, the German Data Protection Regulation is complied with.

Working with a GDPR compliant platform distinguishes your professionalism as a freelancer or self-employed person by openly demonstrating how important data security and privacy are to you. Commercial clients and businesses in particular place a high value on compliance with the GDPR, which is why using a GDPR compliant Zoom Alternative is a strong USP. By using an equally performant, yet secure video platform, you set yourself apart from many of your competitors.

Furthermore, at meetergo connect you not only advertise secure data processing, but you can also prove this at any time through our German support. We will gladly provide you with a detailed order data processing with further information on data processing. You will be able to see openly what happens to your data and the data of your customers at Zoom Alternative meetergo meets. If you have any questions about GDPR compliance, please contact our support team – we will answer all your questions about meetergo connect, Zoom and the GDPR.

peer-to-peer video platform as a direct connection between you and your customers

Unlike video platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams, with meetergo meets you don’t communicate via a third-party provider, but directly with your meeting participants through our peer-to-peer Zoom alternative. This means that when you use meetergo connect, your end device is connected directly to the end device of your communication partner and no central server is responsible for the connection. In this way, each end device, whether tablet, laptop or computer, provides resources for the system, which means that your video conferences via meetergo connect run smoothly at all times. With each additional participant, more resources are available at the same time, ensuring that the quality of the transmission remains consistently high. Your excellentimage and sound quality with meetergo connect ensures low-interference meetings that convince customers of your professionalism and enable a pleasant workflow.

By outsourcing system resources, the peer-to-peer Zoom alternative is also less vulnerable to external attacks. By networking meeting participants directly, outsiders cannot gain access to the meeting and obtain sensitive or personal data.

Data security is a key issue at meetergo connect, and as a German company we take it very seriously. That’s why the peer-to-peer feature is also an important component of our GDPR compliant Zoom alternative. Through peer-to-peer encryption, data that is sent within the meeting is encrypted. Before files, documents or other content are sent, they are encrypted and only decrypted again once they have been received. In this way, meetergo connect has no access to the content sent and you offer your customers and meeting participants secure communication. Our peer-to-peer Zoom alternative is your video platform for stable quality, direct connection to your team members without interference from outsiders, and fast, encrypted data transmission.

If you want to hold your meetings with colleagues, customers or partners via a third-party provider, there are other Zoom alternatives available besides Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

  • IONOS Video Chat
  • Cisco Webex Meetings
  • GoToMeeting
  • Jitsi Meet
  • Placetel
  • Slack
  • Bluejeans
  • Zoho Meeting
  • TeamViewer
  • ClickMeeting
  • Lifesize
  • edudip next

Your functions at meetergo meets

Your German, GDPR compliant Zoom alternative is in no way inferior to the Zoom meeting platform in terms of functions. Because meetergo connect is a peer-to-peer video platform, its functions are even more extensive than those of the American provider Zoom. The outsourcing of the server to the resources of the participants’ end devices ensures that you always hold your video conferences and telephone calls in the best quality with meetergo meets. We provide you with video and audio quality in HD, so that your digital meeting is very close to an analog meeting. In addition, because you are not talking to your colleagues, customers or partners through a third-party server, the number of participants is unlimited. Each participant brings his or her own system resources for the transmission of sound and images, which is why there are no limitations on the part of meetergo connect.

Furthermore, you can share your screen with meetergo connect and also allow participants to share their screens. This allows you to present content easily and in the highest quality. Here you can either commit to one window or let your participants actively participate in your workflow on your end device by displaying each open window. This allows you to annotate your content during the meeting and directly structure all information.

But not only can you actively collaborate in the meeting, you can also access the content after the fact. By recording your meetings, you can make them available to participants. For clear presentations, it is also possible to use an external end device such as a smartphone or tablet as an additional screen.

The chat function at meetergo connect with end-to-end encryption is ideally suited for sending textual content, files or documents. The encryption means that the shared data is only read by the meeting participants. This facilitates teamwork through fast data transfer and additionally secures communication. Meetergo connect is ideally suited for teamwork. Using the whiteboard, everyone works together on one document and adds content as desired, which everyone can download.

In your team or among your meeting participants, you can still assign different roles within your conference. You can either act as the sole moderator or assign others this role as well. This way, participants are muted, asked to speak, or moved to the waiting room so that they are excluded from the meeting for an indefinite period of time, but can actively participate in the meeting again at any time by allowing the moderator to do so. For teamwork, the group function is still a popular way of exchanging information on specific topics. For this purpose, the moderator divides the participants into groups and allows them to enter group rooms, where the participants then hold a small meeting within the larger meeting. For a limited or unlimited time, all functions can be used equally in this group room.

To make your work as easy as possible and to ensure that your workflows mesh, you conveniently integrate meetergo connect into your workflow. You do this by linking your Zoom alternative with your German Calendly alternative. A link is also possible with your calendars, so that planned meetings are transferred directly and you receive and send reminders in good time. Thanks to the integration with meetergo, you can also send the link or key data for your meeting directly via meetergo and automatically send this to your meeting participants when they book an appointment with you. You can also use this function to control recurring meetings with individual links or data and send them automatically to the authorized participants.

Thanks to these functions, meetergo connect integrates perfectly into your workflow and ensures that you make the best use of your working time as a freelancer or self-employed person. You can present yourself and your services professionally in digital conferences with the best video and audio quality and show your customers how important the security of data and personal or company-related details is to you. Your German, GDPR compliant, peer-to-peer Zoom alternative is your solution for smooth, quality communication with customers, partners or colleagues. Available at different prices, you simply choose the right package for your digital communication and conveniently integrate it with your appointment booking software meetergo, so you have all the applications you need for your work in one place at any time, hosted by a German, sustainable server.

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