meetergo Status Update – September 2021

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If you have been following our main website in the past few weeks, you will notice a lot of progress has been made on our landing page.


  • meetergo API v1.15.0
  • meetergo web v1.20.0

Releases include various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Commitment to our planet

Being a young team of future-minded people, we have decided that one of our priorities is to care for the environment. That is why we have committed ourselves to plant one tree for every ten appointments made on the meetergo platform.

Our goal is to demonstrate that modern startups and companies – just like modern governments – must have an environmental policy to manage the impact of their business on our environment.

meetergo, being a digital platform deployed on the cloud, has a significant environmental impact – this is mainly due to the energy required to run our infrastructure and deliver data to the end-user. As a result, we are taking measures to both reduce the carbon footprint of our infrastructure and to actively contribute to “carbon-positive” measures, such as planting trees.

Our services are optimized to be cleaner than 93% of websites, but there are more ways to improve the carbon footprint of our infrastructure, such as looking for greener cloud providers. As such, we believe that all major cloud companies must improve transparency regarding the true percentage of renewable energy in their energy portfolio.

Furthermore, we do believe that supporting initiatives that plant trees is currently the best way for us to make a meaningful impact for the environment. This is because such initiatives are large enough to be supported by governments and organizations around the world while still being able to provide enough transparency to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that measures are really being taken as advertised.

Since this is part of the core value of meetergo, we have updated our landing page and many parts of our web app to reflect this.

We hope this will set an example and motivate other companies to incorporate commitments to improve the environment into their value propositions!

Future of work

We see ourselves as being early in the process of exploring ways to improve the future of work. This is why the feedback of our amazing supporters is of immense value to us. Together, we figured out the cash savings made possible by being able to increase the number of bookings while lowering the time required to shift appointments.

If the past year(s) taught us anything, it is that our workplace environment is shifting. The signs have been pointing to the cloud for a while. Still, we have recently seen that trends can become a reality faster than anyone can realize.

Freelance is an important, yet overlooked profession. Few people realize the impact they have on many industries – and the web is by no means an exception. We aim to support freelancers and provide tools for them to improve not only their services, but also their profits. Check out our Freelance Growth Accelerator on our landing page, to learn how you can utilize meetergo to boost your freelance business.

Apart from freelancers, we still believe in the value that meetergo delivers to businesses and other individuals. That is why we have streamlined our onboarding process to make it easier for different groups of users to adjust their settings as needed.

If you have any feedback or ideas, the feedback form in the web app is a great way to get in touch with our team!

Coming soon: zapier integrations

Many of our users actively use zapier integrations. Since this feature has been on our list and you are requesting it, we are doing it! We expect to ship it later this week.

Do stay excited for our upcoming features that are being developed based on the amazing feedback we recieved and thank you for your continued support! <3

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