meetergo v2 released

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The meetergo development team is happy to announce that we have rolled out our newest and most powerful version of meetergo yet. This major update empowers you to customize your meeting workflows exactly how you need them. Keep reading to learn about our new features.

Form builder

Previously, in order to book a meeting, a form would have to be filled out by anyone trying to make a booking. This form is very powerful, because it allows you to collect information about your clients before they make a booking.

In order to allow for a more streamlined experience, you can now create your own forms using our form builder! This will allow you to add custom fields to your form as you need them.

Custom fields can be used for many use cases. For example, you may want to add a free text field to your form to allow your client to include a message.

You don’t have to configure your form, though! Our default forms are still included in your meeting types, and they do the job just as well. You can easily extend the default form once you’re ready.


Customers or clients will recieve notifications for meetergo events they booked. And now, you can customize all meeting communication to your liking!

There are a number of notifications you may want to send to your clients. For example, oftentimes you may be sending out a notification before the meeting, and after the meeting.

With meetergo v2, nothing is easier than sending exactly the right message to your clients at exactly the right time.

Dynamic tags

No meeting is the same. How can you still provide the streamlined experience that your customers expect from you? With meetergo’s dynamic tags, of course!

Dynamic tags allow you to insert dynamic data into your meeting notifications. This will allow you, for example, to include the full name of the client in their notifications, instead of having to write a generic notifcation message.

We live in a time where its just not okay to recieve an email that starts with “Dear sir/madam…”.

Using dynamic tags is super easy – but powerful. It allows you to customize your notifications precisely how they need to be. Do you want to include a list of participants in your message? Check. Show the confirmation link? Check. Give the client an option to reschedule right from their email confirmation? Check, just include the rescheduling link.

What’s next?

Our mission is to provide the most streamlined, most powerful appointment and client management solution on the market, and we are not done!

If you are interested in explosively increasing your conversion rates and reaching new records in leads secured in 2022, you do not have to wait long. Our next innovation, which allows instantly initiating video calls with available agents WHILE a high-value client is filling out the form, is right around the corner!

This will add real-time appointment handling capabilities to your team

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