WhatsApp releases joinable group calls

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As announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, WhatsApp released joinable group calls on monday. This feature will allow users to join group calls even if the call is missed.

With the growing popularity of messenger apps such as zoom, WhatsApp’s voice and video chat features have been lacking behind. The facebook-owned company is trying to fill that gap with the release of their version of joinable group calls. Now, users will find themselves able to join a group call at any point in time via the chat screen – even if the call is already active.

Previously, group calls in WhatsApp would follow the same approach as regular calls. If you were to fail to pick up an incoming group call, it would show as a missed call and you would be unable to join the group call afterwards.

This is was changed to follow a more “chatroom”-like approach. Now, you can join any group call that is in progress even you did not pick up the original request to join. The call will show up in your chat list with a button to join video/audio, depending on whether the active call is a video group call.

This was a long-overdue feature, bringing WhatsApp closer to competing messenger applications. In the global pandemic, as most businesses were forced to send their employees home to work remotely, there was a desperate need for online group video and audio communication services.

WhatsApp has clearly not sufficed to fill that gap, allowing competitors like zoom to emerge.

Now, it seems that Facebook is trying to get in closer to the action by modernizing WhatsApp’s call features. Before, audio and video chat felt like they were only meant for one-on-one calls, lacking features that would make it an attractive solution for group chats. These features, such as join-via-link, were provided by Google meets, Microsoft teams and zoom alike.

Compared to other features that can be found in the competition, such as screen sharing, cross-platform chat, or meeting organization (such as hand-raising), WhatsApp still does not seem like it is trying to fit in the corporate calls niche.

We know that Facebook has interest to make WhatsApp a feasible corporate communications platform because they have significantly ramped up development of their WhatsApp Business-branch.

According to Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp, 175 Million users are messaging businesses on WhatsApp every day (Source: Twitter, Will Cathcart 1/8/2021). This does seem to be a step up from their latest known statistic in 2019, where they claimed that five million businesses are using WhatsApp business.

As popularity of such services grows, our goal is to integrate meetergo seemlessly with WhatsApp and WhatsApp business to make scheduling even more of a breeze. Stay tuned!

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