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Are you looking for a platform with which you can plan events, book appointments and assign them to customers, as well as communicate easily and quickly? Many companies, retailers and service providers turn to the scheduling software Timify for this purpose. Although Timify offers useful functions and provides some of its applications free of charge, more and more providers are looking for a good alternative that is also GDPR-compliant. The online appoinment scheduling software from meetergo is your Timify alternative for self-employed people, freelancers,
teams and managers.

With a steadily increasing progress of digitalisation, the demand for digital scheduling among customers and partners is also growing. Only a fraction of all appointments and meetings are still arranged analogue. And with good reason. Online appointment scheduling saves time and money, as everything is done with just a few clicks.

The demand has given rise to a number of online appointment scheduling softwares that are very similar, yet different in their details. We show you which alternatives are available to you besides Timify and which aspects you should pay particular attention to when making your choice.

How the features of online appointment scheduling softwares increase productivity and success

Especially as a freelancer or self-employed person, the time you invest is always associated with a cost factor. Every hour you spend trying to find a suitable appointment with your clients by email costs you working time that you miss on your projects afterwards. This means that you lose several hourly rates every day and your business is not progressing.

The same applies to teams where finding appointments turns out to be even more complex. Everyone has different time slots available for a meeting. Managers thus face a real challenge in gathering clients, partners and team members in one meeting.

An online appointment scheduling software takes administrative tasks off your hands, saving you productive time. Different functions help you to automate your business as a freelancer, supplier, service provider or your project management, so that you can fully focus on your daily business. The online appointment scheduling works passively in the background and you continuously receive new clients who promote your success.

But what are the differences between the various online appointment scheduling softwares and which one is best suited for your purposes? We have created an overview for you that displays the most important functions of Timify and your Timify alternative from meetergo.

Simple customer management with Timify

Along with other appointment scheduling softwares such as Calendly, Doodle or meetergo, Timify is a platform used by customers and providers to book and arrange appointments online. In addition to the online appointment scheduling function, Timify offers integration with calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange or Office365, so that appointments are synchronised automatically and no manual transfer is necessary. Other team members can be added to the online appointment calendar, but they do not all automatically receive the same permissions. Individual permissions are available depending on the field of activity in the company.

For coordination between appointments and a smooth process, it is possible to send appointment reminders in advance and to set up buffer times for the preparation and follow-up of appointments.

The online appointment booking functions of the Timify platform are designed for analogue appointments and digital consultations. With the integration of Zoom, GoTo Meeting or the Timify MeetMe app, meetings among colleagues, sports courses or consultations can be held in any industry. Designed for businesses and service providers, individual booking widgets or data fields can be set up to tailor appointment booking specifically to the target group. Companies also have the option to send booking links specifically for a service and thus structure customer management even more efficiently. Timify offers solutions for the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Real estate
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Sector
  • Financial Services
  • Education sector
  • Consulting
  • Sports and fitness centres

In these sectors, it is mainly companies with several employees and teams that work together or implement projects. For this reason, Timify offers resource management. Staff, rooms and equipment can be allocated for selected services. This can then in turn be recorded in an online duty calendar. Analogue resources such as devices, media, equipment, rooms and staff are allocated digitally so that leaders and managers know at a glance which resources are available.

Customer management is essential if service providers want to retain their customers. With Timify, a customer profile is automatically created for each customer, noting which employee is responsible for the customer and which services the customer has booked. The booking history can be used to see when the last appointment took place and which services were used. This enables the user to be reminded of a new appointment in time and to view cancellations and group bookings.

It is clear from the functions of Timify that the appointment booking software is aimed at companies that want to digitalise and thereby simplify their employee management and customer management. Employees can be assigned to specific services and customer groups, and analogue resources can be planned. With an integration of Timify on a shop page or with the digital booking of your services, customers can be generated and therefore the success of a company can be strengthened.

Structured freelance business with the Timify alternative from meetergo

For freelancers, self-employed people and teams, the online appointment scheduling software from meetergo is a suitable solution. Regardless of whether your team consists of several freelancers or just you – with meetergo you can plan appointments with just a few clicks and have them listed directly in your personal appointment planner online. Your calendars – such as Google Calendar or Outlook – are synchronised with the meetergo appointment booking tool. Private and professional entries are transferred automatically, so you don’t have to plan anything manually. With filter functions and categorisation of appointments, you have everything that is important for you and your business at a glance. This saves a lot of time, so you can concentrate fully on your business.

Saving time and using it in the necessary places is an essential topic when it comes to structuring your business. As a freelancer or self-employed person, you know that every minute you spend not on a project but on administrative tasks is working time and therefore money. With the Timify alternative from meetergo, you simply send a link to your clients to schedule an appointment, who selects a suitable time from various slots. You no longer have to send countless e-mails back and forth and have your appointment noted directly in the your online schedule.

The appointment booking page also gives you the opportunity to present your corporate design and thus convince customers of your professionalism as a provider. You can use your logo or the colours of your website as well as a QR code that leads to your personal appointment scheduling.

To help you even more as a personal digital assistant, your customers will be redirected to payment directly after booking an appointment. This way, you no longer have to issue invoices afterwards and wait for payments. This is also convenient for your clients, as they can record the costs of your services directly in their bookkeeping or tax statement.

Especially if you organise projects and assignments independently, it is important to structure your working time. Before and after your meetings, you can schedule buffer times to sort through information or go over all the important key figures again. You are optimally prepared for your meetings and know exactly that no appointment will be forgotten with the automatic appointment reminder. Furthermore, you can block times so that no appointments can be booked. You can use this, for example, for active working time on a project or free time.

To find an appointment together with your team, simply use the survey tool of your Timify alternative meetergo. All team members enter their available dates and meetergo automatically creates a date on which everyone has time. This does not necessarily have to be done digitally via the German Zoom alternative meetergo connect. Group events in analogue form as well as local appointments with customers can also be planned in a few minutes with meetergo.

But where exactly is the difference to Timify? The crucial point is the integrations! Even the most sophisticated online appointment booking software is of no use to you if you can’t connect it with your preferred applications and tools. Timify has the marketplace for this, but it only allows limited applications. No integration of applications is possible via the Timify Classic package. The free package from Timify therefore doesn’t offer you much. Sure, you can book appointments and send links. But the real time saving comes from the interaction of the tools you use. With your Timify alternative, you get integration with Zapier, which allows you to perfectly integrate your favourite apps into your workflow. You can do this not only on your desktop, but on any device. You don’t need an app for this, but simply use meetergo in the mobile version – no matter which mobile phone provider you are with. You always have all the applications you need for your business at your fingertips and ready to use on a functional server with hosting in Germany.

The online appointment planner from meetergo is your Timify alternative, with which you can

  • Book appointments
  • Structure your freelance business
  • Plan meetings
  • Communicate with team members
  • Organise projects
  • Analyse key figures
  • Schedule working hours
  • Create waiting lists
  • Plan group events
  • Plant trees
  • Get paid directly
  • Offer GDPR-compliant communication to your customers
  • Connect your web applications

With meetergo’s features, you can convince customers of your professionalism and plan meetings with just a few clicks. In this way, you use your working time effectively in the best situations and save not only time, but also money. By having your personal digital assistant take care of time-consuming administrative tasks, you can concentrate fully on your business and take your success to the next level.

GDPR-compliant communication with your Timify alternative

One important issue you should not underestimate when choosing an online appointment scheduling software is compliance with the GDPR. When booking appointments, personal data such as payment information, email addresses, phone numbers, company data and other personal data is exchanged. It should go without saying that the software you use for your meetings and scheduling processes this data appropriately, but it is not. For example, Timify loads all scripts directly on the booking page. The appointment planner Calendly, with its headquarters in the USA, is also exempt from the EU-wide provisions of the GDPR. The online appointment planner meetergo, on the other hand, is based in Germany and takes care to encrypt all necessary information and process it in a GDPR-compliant manner. Your German support knows exactly what to look out for when exchanging data with each other and handling payment transactions. With an appointment booking software that protects your and your clients’ data, you clearly position yourself for data security and present yourself professionally as a freelancer. If you decide to use an online appointment scheduling software, you should make sure that it is GDPR-compliant. In addition to the Timify alternative meetergo, there are other online appointment planners:

  • Me
  • Calendly
  • FlexBooker
  • Bitrix24
  • Agendize
  • 10to8
  • QReserve
  • Cituro
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • SuperSaaS
  • Vagaro

Using an online appointment scheduling software helps you to structure your projects and present your clients with excellent results through quickly found appointments. With the Timify alternative from meetergo, you strengthen your business as a freelancer or self-employed person by automating and digitising processes.

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