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7 ways to stand out as a freelancer (bonus: Checklist)

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Create virtual events, appointments, and free time slots.

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Let anyone book a
time slot, see your availability, and pay – instantly

Sync and meet

Have all bookings auto-synced to your calendar and ready to meet.
“Scheduling meetings in a team and with international clients is particularly difficult. Finding the perfect time becomes exponentially harder the more participants there are in the meeting. meetergo takes the whole burden off my shoulders and automates this process. Since using meetergo, not only have I never missed a meeting again, but I finally have gained the overview I was looking for."
Roman Laufenberg
CEO | Recotech GmbH
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With more appointments to more revenue in less time.

Save the hassle of emailing back and forth and
benefit from instant bookings around the clock that
automatically sync with your calendar. Share your
personal calendar worldwide with one link. Get the
right focus and stop losing clients due to missed
appointments or poor communication. We
automatically send follow-up and thank you emails.

Set the right focus

Eliminate distractions and ineffective workflows.

Whether you’re a freelancer, lawyer or salesperson – everyone has experienced the daily distractions during work. Emails, notifications, or spontaneous meetings tear you out of your workflow. We put an end to all this and help you to work on your tasks concentrated and effectively. meetergo blocks annoying notifications and allows you to exchange voice messages directly via email to be even more productive.
As a marketing expert and business consultant, I work with many different people in a variety of places. It disturbs my workflow if I am distracted by notifications from other clients or topics while working on a specific project. With meetergo I can decide what to focus on. Long emails are exhausting and often don't really express what I am trying to say. That's why I use voice messages, as I do in my private life."
Pablo Ewenz Rocher
Marketing Freelancer
safer than fort knox

Your secrets are safe with us.

When conducting your online events, meetings or consultations, you are often forced to use providers from non-EU countries such as Google Meet/Zoom from the USA. For us, data security is a top priority, which is why we have developed meetergo connect. It is a secure DSGVO-compliant peer-to-peer meeting platform and perfectly integrated into the meetergo ecosystem.

Sustainable Cloud

Using our planets resources carefully is mandatory in todays age. Therefore our cloud is hosted sustainably.

Plant Trees

We are giving back! For every 10 appointments scheduled through meetergo we plant one tree.

Eco-friendly Processes

We optimize all of our processes in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

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Freelance Growth Accelerator©

7 ways to stand out as a freelancer (bonus: Checklist)